- Walking video with portable DVD
- Video games (Sony Playstation, Nintendo)

- Screen for mobile phones for internet browsing
- Videoconferencing

- Videoscopic procedures
- CT examinations
- Ultrasound examinations

Security & Surveillance
- Night vision
- Mobile screen for security guards

- Screen for directors, cameramen, microphone holders
- Steady cams
- Aerial filming

Maintenance & Quality control
- Ultrasound examinations with flaw detectors
- Audio & video transmission


The Personal Monitor provides an added convenience to surgeons compared to conventional monitors. It enables the surgeon to maintain the endoscopic image in the surgeon's line of sight regardles of where he/she is looking. A constantly available image may enable him to maintain his focus and attention on the operation, that in turn might result in decreased operating time and increasing operating precision.

Inependent researches show that viewing the endoscopic image from an ergonomically preferred, head-down position can shorten execution time and improve task performance by up to 30 percent.

Suggested model: Personal Monitor PM-1L with Battery Kit BK-8SL

Aerial filming

New dimensions in aeromodeling — watch live video taken by your R/C model mounted camera!

Mount our 2.4 GHz video trasmitter on your airplane or helicopter model and watch the live video with Personal Monitor. You will feel like you were sitting in the cockpit.

The virtual image of Personal Monitor covers only 5% of vision, so you are also free to drive your model in common way.

Suggested model: Wireless Personal Monitor PM-1W

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